10 In-Demand Jobs For International Students

10 In-Demand Jobs For International Students

Canada is an attractive destination for International Students in demand of job who wish to enroll for Bachelors, Master and PhD programmes. They make provision for part-time work which help in covering expenses, provide work experiences useful in the future.

However, to be able to work, one must be granted an off-campus work permit after a period of 6months. And Students must be able to work with the maximum hours that will not affect their studies; We would be giving a detailed analysis of the Ten In-demand Jobs an international  Students can work part-time;

  1. Waitress/Bartender/Wiater; ($11 – $12 per hour)

This job is flexible and can be operated at weekends or shifts. They are paid per hour between $11 to $12. However, generous customers also give tips depending on the type of bar, time, and period of the week—the busier the establishment, the greater the chance of getting good tips.

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  1. Teachers Assistant; ($15 per hour)

 These persons are hired to help teachers and professors update paperwork or students course outline and grade students’ works/projects.

However, this job has a more incredible opportunity for students with a year of experience in the institution, have outstanding organizational skills, and, as an added plus, intelligent or sound in their academics.

  1. Tutor; ($15 -$50 per hour)

if you are an expert in specific courses and love teaching or transfer knowledge understandably to an audience, you can be a tutor and make money from being one. Tutoring can be elementary school levels or fellow course mates in colleges. Either way, the more complex and challenging the subject, the higher the pay.

  1. Freelancer: ($25-$100 per task)

A freelancer is self-employed and holds multiple for different clients at a time. You can freelance as a content writer, web designer, graphics designer, or practically any field in any industry. In the absence of physical clients, clients are available on social media (Facebook, Twitter) or Expert platforms like Upwork, warrior plus, Fiverr etc.

  1. Nanny or Babysitter;($14 per hour)

This involves staying with kids for some periods before their parents return home; you pick them up from school, feed them, help with their homework and put them to bed. However, the task varies, and it gots flexible hours. An added advantage to getting this job is to have a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate.

  1. Social Media Strategist;($21 and above)

A social media strategist creates content, edits a post, likes a post, and even conducts a competitor analysis for a company or individual he is working with. This is an incredible job as sit doesn’t involve a physical presence at the workplace and synchronizes with a social media user. Payment could be monthly or hourly.

  1. Dog Walker;($16 per hour)

Do you love dogs? Then this is the fitting job for you. A dog walker earns primarily by walking dogs for some minutes; charges could increase in numbers of dogs walked, the weather, either way, it is a fantastic job. Petsitter can also be added, caring for a dog whilst the owner is away.

  1. Auditor;($29 per hour)

an auditors job mostly at night after the day’s job involves balancing the sales book, paperwork, assisting guests, and supporting bookkeeping operations. For this kind of part-time job, skills needed; computing skills, math skills, and accounting knowledge.

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  1. Note Taker;($36 per hour)

A note-taker writes for persons who are deaf; they are usually present during lessons and take detailed notes for the deaf students. It is cool cause it doesn’t involve going out of the school environment.

  1. Cafeteria Assistant;

Some schools employ students in dinners and coffee shops, in the pay is decent and comes with an added incentives; free food and drinks.


  1. A student with a study permit(valid)
  2. Must have a Social Insurance Number
  3. Must be registered at a learning College
  4. Must study a vocational, professional course with a valid degree or certificate.

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