15 Post graduate Work Permit Private Colleges in Canada

15 Post graduate Work Permit Private Colleges in Canada

Attending one of the post graduate work permit private colleges in Canada can be a big advantage to anyone who wishes to pursue his or her post-graduate program in Canada.

A post graduate work permit helps you to live, study, and also be working in the country without having issues with the security of the country.  As a student with a post graduate work permit, you have the right to change or to choose anywhere you wish to work. It also helps the international students to be eligible for the permanent residency program in Canada. i.e. if you are an international student in Canada with a work permit, you can’t work in the country while staying there.

Can I Study with a Post graduate Work Permit?

Yes, you can study while you are with a work permit. A work permit does not still stop you from applying for a post-graduate work permit if you or your school is eligible for it.

How to be Eligible for Post graduate Work Permit

There are a lot of ways to be eligible for the PGWP in Canada, but some of the ways to be eligible are;

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  1. You must ensure that you are enrolling in a full-time program.
  2. Choose a post graduate work permit license school for your program.
  3. Pick an 8 months or more period program for enrollment.
  4. Ensure that the school you choose is accredited and likewise the program.

There are only a few schools in Canada that give post graduate work permits to their international students while enrolling with them. And below here are few of those schools with such license, that gives such privilege to their students;

  • Briercrest College and Seminary

Briercrest college and seminary is one of the best private colleges in Canada that is licensed by the Canadian government to grant post graduate work permits to their students after their year of enrolling.

The college is fully accredited and was founded in the year 1935.

Website: https://www.briercrest.ca/

  • The University of Trinity College

The University of Trinity College was founded by Bishop John Strachan in the year 1851. the university is federated with the University of Toronto. s

Website: https://www.trinity.utoronto.ca/

  • Cumberland College

Cumberland College is one of the recognized schools in Canada that also offers a post graduate work permit to their graduated international students in other to seek a job while they are still in the country.

Cumberland College is located in Melfort, Tisdale, Hudson Bay, Nipawin, Saskatchewan, etc.

Saskatchewan is one of the most popular provinces in which one can easily find a good-paying job after graduation. So schooling in Saskatchewan province is also a chance of working in a big place using your post graduate work permit.

Website: https://www.cumberlandcollege.sk.ca/

  • Acsenda School of Management

The school is located in Vancouver and was founded in the year 2015. It was formerly known as Sprott Shaw Degree College. To apply to the school, you will need to pay a non-refundable application fee of 150 CAD.

The school focuses on Business and management programs and talents. It ranks No. 272 in the country.

So if you are looking for a good business school that you can enroll in and also a post graduate work permit later, then Acsenda school of management is for you.

Website: https://acsenda.com/

  • Columbia College

Columbia College is a private college that was founded in the year 1936. The school is really popular and recognized through their science programs like Engineering, Social Science, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, etc.

The school is a two years university transfer college with over 2,100 students enrolling in the school.

As an international student, you are entitled to pay a tuition fee of CAD 12,440.

Website: https://www.columbiacollege.ca/

  • Vanguard College

As the name implies, Vanguard college is one of the colleges located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that offers Christian education.

The school is either known as Vanguard College or the Canadian Northwest Bible Institute. The school is ready for mobilizing Spirit-empowered leaders who will be obedient and ready to carry out God’s command.

Website: https://www.vanguardcollege.com/

  • Fraser International College

Fraser international college operates under Simon Fraser University, it was open in the year 2006. Studying at Fraser international college gives you a direct pathway into the second year at Simon Fraser University.

Website: https://www.fraseric.ca/

  • Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

Our Lady seat of Wisdom college is one of the best private Catholic colleges in Canada located in Barry’s Bay.

Picking a program in this college as an international student gives you the opportunity of gaining a post graduate work permit in the country without stress.

Website: https://www.seatofwisdom.ca/

  • Confederation College

Confederation College has over 7600 students which include, part-time and full-time students. The college focuses a lot on the practical aspect of classroom theory.

Confederation College has over 9 campuses in the country and it is one of the best-applied arts and technology colleges in the country.

Website: https://www.confederationcollege.ca/

  • Coquitlam College

As a registered international student of the Associate of Arts Degree Program in Coquitlam college, you are eligible for the off-campus post graduate work permit.

Coquitlam is one of the safest and nice places to study, live, and work while in the country.

Website: https://www.coquitlamcollege.com/

  • Alder University

Alder university is one of the most recognized private universities that is accredited by the HLC. located at one of the beautiful places in Canada called Vancouver.

It is the best good for counseling and psychology. Studying any of this program in the university will help you to be eligible for a post graduate work permit if you meet other criteria also.

website: https://www.adler.edu/

  • Coast Mountain College

Coat Mountain college was established by Justin Kohlmann in the year 1975 with an acceptance rate of 85%. Coast mountain college provides its communities with innovative programs, quality education, etc.

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The colleges a lot of programs like post-degree diplomas, Red Seal Trades training, associate degrees, etc

Website: https://www.coastmountaincollege.ca/

  • Northern Lights College

Northern lights college is affiliated with the British Columbia College, It is also known as the B.C.’s Energy College. The school has campuses in other popular places in the country like; Dawson Creek, Dease Lake, Atlin, Fort St. John, Chetwynd Campus, etc.

Website: https://www.nlc.bc.ca/

  • Grande Prairie Regional College

The school can be abbreviated as GPRC, it has over 4000 students enrolling in the school on different programs like; Nursing, Education, Liberal Arts, Physical Education, Science, etc.

Website: https://www.gprc.ab.ca/

  • Alexander College

Alexander College is a private institution with over 2,000 students, Alexander college offers a lot of programs and one of the programs is an integrated English for Academic Purposes program.

This program is for international students who are from non-English speaking countries.

Note: This program is fully accredited and approved just like other programs.

Website: https://alexandercollege.ca/

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