5 Tips for Distance Learning Students

5 Tips for Distance Learning Students

Distance learning is a remote type of learning without regular face-to-face teaching in classrooms. However, there are different levels of approach to distance learning. For some, courses and instructions are delivered entirely online. You never get to meet your classmates or even the tutor. You learn from textbooks and online resources, and communication with your tutor includes telephones, emails, or other means of online communication. Another approach offers a few face-to-face tutorials.

Whether you’re participating in a class remotely online from a distance or participating in classes through any other means, we have put together five solid tips for any student who loves distance learning.

What Are The Benefits of Distance Learning?

  • You can study anywhere.
  • You don’t have to stay in one location to study throughout your degree; you can learn anywhere.

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  • Flexible study

You can create your study schedule to your taste and comfort.

  • The cost of learning is low.

Distance learning is often less expensive than traditional physical learning.

  • Learning while working

This is great as you can ultimately work whole or per time and still be remotely learning online.

Skills Distance Learning Students Need to Develop

  • Self-motivation

Distance learning can create a lonely experience for students as they do not have the luxury to mingle with other students. At this point, distant learning students should be able to motivate themselves to study.

  • Perseverance

Challenges are bound to happen, as obtaining a degree takes a very long process. To achieve successful distant learning, students should learn how never to quit or give up even when things aren’t going as planned.

  • Learn to look for assistance

when we seek help, it does not portray weakness but strength. Distance learning students shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions when they meet a stumbling block in their learning process.

  • Independent learner

Seek help from students, friends and tutors.  Distance learning students read outside their materials and try to understand and know more about the topics they are being taught while also constantly trying to improve their study skills.

Tips for Distance Learning Students

  1. Create a Study Space

Where and how you study is very important. It should not be noisy and should have good light. While it is recommended to learn in different places sometimes, you need a study space to get your done. A desk or table works well for this purpose. Organize your desk, get a nice chair, a lamp, and some cool stationery. Keep your desk as clean and arranged adequately as possible so you can easily find anything you need.

  1. Find Other Students

Does your class have official or unofficial forums or groups? Are there any Facebook groups specifically designed for your course or meet-ups in your area? Try and find such groups and meet up with a few students you can share things with.

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  1. Take Scheduled Breaks.

Always treat yourself to a few minutes break between classes, between 10-15 minutes. Get up and step away from your desk, move your body, stroll outside for a few minutes to stretch, and get some fresh air. Get some snacks, and most importantly, stay away from people while taking your break.

  1. Build a Good Relationship with your Tutor

It’s essential to build a positive relationship with your tutors wherever you can as you might only get the chance to meet them once or twice, and in some cases, you might not meet them at all. These are some great ways of building a relationship with them;

  • Let them know about your learning goals
  • Get to contact them when you need help
  • Always appreciate them for their support
  • Listen to their feedback and act on it
  • Let them know if you won’t be available to attend a tutorial
  • Ask …

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