8 Cerebral Palsy Scholarships

8 Cerebral Palsy Scholarships

According to researches made,10% of the world’s percentage suffer from a disability which causes so many limitations ranging from the inability to fend for themselves to schooling thus these persons need special care and all the needed assistance. Today, we will give a detailed Content of Scholarships that will give assistance to persons with CEREBRAL PALSY.

What is Cerebral Palsy? 

Cerebral deals with the cerebrum(brain), while Palsy means feebleness, frailty and weakness or paralysis of the movement of the body.

Cerebral Palsy is referred to as the group of ailments, disorders that have effects on the body coordination and movements, not left out is the visual and hearing systems of the human body.

What are the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy? 

Cerebral Palsy symptoms vary from one individual to another, some could be mild while others are severe, but here are the general symptoms:

  • Difficult walking
  • Partial Paralysis
  • Drooling and difficulty swallowing
  • Seizures, impaired vision
  • Lack of coordination of the body movement
  • Difficult Speaking

However, it is impertinent to note that Cerebral Palsy in a child may not be visible till age 3 or 4, careful observation has to be made on an individual.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy? 

Some possible causes of Cerebral Palsy are;

  • Jaundice in children
  • Mutation of a gene resulting in abnormal growth of the brain
  • Oxygen seizure during labour or delivery
  • Brain haemorrhage
  • Head injuries resulting from fall or accidents

Does Cerebral Palsy hinder Education? 

People with Cerebral Palsy can go to training, colleges, and Universities just like a healthy individual can, as it has no effect on the cognitive parts of an individual. what could pose as a hindrance is a finance and we will give a list of scholarships that will be helpful.

  • North Central Kiwanis Memorial Fund Tuition Scholarship;

This foundation awards Scholarship to persons with cerebral palsy. In line with their mission statement, “serving children of the world. they assist both adults and camping activities for children ages 6-17.


Applicants must currently be enrolled in an accredited college, university or training program. Funds are paid directly to the Institution of learning.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://campcasey.org/

  • McBurney Scholarships for Students with Disabilities

This Scholarship is provided for anybody with any form of disability like Cerebral Palsy, making it suitable for a Cerebral Palsy scholarship.


  • The Scholarship is only attainable at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; hence, applicants must enter the mentioned university for either undergraduate, masters or PhD degree.
  • Applications for the Scholarship can be made during the final years of High School or already a university student. Verification of disability must be made through the McBurney Disability Resource Center.
  • Must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) form. ● The International Student – Financial Need Addendum and email it to Heidi Johnson by the December 1 deadline for international students.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://mcburney.wisc.edu/services/scholarships/

  • Birth Injury Lawyer Group Cerebral Palsy Scholarship

This Scholarship does not fall under the category of general disability but strictly for students with Cerebral Palsy. A fund of $2500 is awarded to the chosen candidate. Qualifications 

  • Have a GPA of 2.5 and above
  • Must be a student of an accredited college or Institution of learning with Cerebral Palsy ● Must abide by Terms and Conditions
  • Write an essay on how Cerebral Palsy has affected you and how funds will assist you in your educational goals.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://birthinjurylawyer.com/cerebral-palsy-lawyer/scholarship/#:~:text=As%20part%20of%20that%20mission,the%20pursuit%20of%20their%20dreams.

  • Microsoft Disability Scholarship

This Scholarship is designed to assist students with disabilities in which Cerebral Palsy is categorized. The sum of $20000 is provided to the applicant to cover four years of college expenses, given in $5000 per year.


  • Applicants must pursue a career in technology
  • WHO must verify the disability
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0 and above Undergraduate, Master or PhD degree must be full time or part-time.
  • Develop and actively demonstrate the desire for the tech world.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/diversity/programs/microsoftdisabilityscholarship.aspx

  • John Lepping Memorial Scholarship

The JMS is a non-profit organization t in Nhat awards students with physical and psychological disability. And Cerebral Palsy falls under a physical disability hence its inclusion. A provision fund of $5000 is made available for the applicant to help further his/her Education.


  • Student must permanently resideew York, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. ● Proof of disability by a certified Physician Letter of recommendations by three reputable persons(non-family)
  • One-page essay vividly describing hindrances of the disability both financially to your family.

VISIT WEBSITE: http://www.lepfoundation.org/applications

  • ABC Law Centers Cerebral Palsy Annual Scholarship

As the name suggests is reserved for only students with Cerebral Palsy, the amount of $1000 is given to the scholarship recipient to fund his/her Education.


  • A physician must verify the disability
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0
  • Write an essay on obstacles the disability comes with and how to use the funds provided.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://www.abclawcenters.com/scholarships/#:~:text=The%20ABC%20Law%20Centers%20Cerebral%20Palsy%20Scholarship%20is%20for%20financial,student%20who%20has%20cerebral%20palsy.

  • Buckfire Law Scholarship

The Disability Scholarship was established in the year 2014 with the sole commitment of providing students with disabilities to further their educational goals. A sum of $1000 is made available to the beneficiary of the Scholarship.


  • Permanent resident in the US. Must enrol in any colleges, universities in the US. ● A physician must verify the disability.
  • Must complete a year in the institute of learning.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://buckfirelaw.com/scholarships/disability/

  • AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarship

The Ameriglide Company Scholarship provides mobile devices to enhance movement for persons who are disabled. Cerebral Palsy students fall under this category; not excluded is $2500 for educational aid.


  • Must permanently reside in the US
  • Student must have a valid School identification
  • Choice of Institution must be in the US
  • Must have one year of the college experience
  • Must have a GPA of 3.0.

VISIT WEBSITE: https://www.ameriglide.com/Scholarship/

In an endeavour to assist, this article has been provided. Persons with Cerebral Palsy go through many difficulties transitioning into adulthood, which includes going through colleges. These scholarships will ease the financial burdens in the long run, and we hope you find this article very useful and informative.


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