8 Reasons Why You Study Law

8 Reasons Why You Study Law

Law is regarded as one of the oldest and longest fields of study, highly respected and valued, and persons who studied law are viewed as highly qualified and intelligent. Armed with law degrees opens a wide field of opportunities to engage in lucrative fields like politics, management, international relations, etc.  Great figures like Margaret Thatcher, Barrack Obama, and Mohammed Gandhi divulged into this great profession and performed barrier-breaking feats by becoming world leaders.

Why Choose Law as a Career?

For many law goes more than just upholding the lands of the law, pronouncing justice for victims, and meting out verdicts to erring citizens, there are still many innumerable untapped reasons why the law should be chosen as a career; 

  • The Cognitive Challenge; As with every perk of a great career the individual’s cognitive prowess is put into great use. High performance is gotten from being up to date with recent law news, been an analytical and creative thinker, been a solution provider to cases presented, and always strive to be the blockbuster, hence the need for cognitive prowess to be expanded and explored.

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  • Enhanced Communication Skills; the ability to clearly in an articulated presentation listen to your clients, present the case to the judges, audiences, and the jurors to view your case in a favorable light and uphold justice, involves good and expanded striking communications skills. All that the law sector explores and inculcates.
  • Improve Legal Standards and Justice; opens a greater platform to uphold justice for victims and punish wrong acts, this opportunity is extended to people we meet in our everyday life invariably making the world a seemingly better place. It offers you the legal power to make a difference in the law system and make a change no matter how small.
  • Respect and Prestige; persons who always seek to strive for justice and seek for criminals to pay for their crimes, surely they deserve all respect accorded to them, hence this esteemed career holds great respect and prestige to its corners.
  • Boost self-confidence; engaging in frequent rational discussions, debates, and arguments, boosts the aura of self-confidence of an individual to constructively hold the attention of the public increases self-esteem and self-fulfillment.
  • Influence On A Global Scale; with the skills developed makes recognition by individuals not just around you but any part of the world. You can stand to represent anyone from any part of the world, hence your influence can be felt anywhere. Your opinions, suggestions, thoughts, contributions are considered and given attention to, all are the perks the law sector provides to you and many unmentioned reasons.


There are certain steps however to being a lawyer and they are the following;

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  1. Obtain a bachelor’s degree certificate serves as a minimum requirement for admission to a law school.
  2. The law admission test; pass the law test that measures some important skills needed in the law sector.
  3. Choose a reputable law Institution; identity with any one of your choices after extensive research taken can be taken as a fresh student or a student seeking to further their education, ensure to meet up with requirements and make passes with high colors.
  4. Choose an area of specialization; make choice on the area of law you want to expertise, either as a property lawyer, criminal lawyer, environment lawyer, etc.
  5. Bar Examination; for one to begin practice as a lawyer, the bar examinations has to be passed, which usually takes two days process, and after that legal license is obtained.


There are important skills needed to scale through law school or as a Career; 

  • Rapt Attentiveness; accuracy and error omission is made possible only if you listen attentively and to detail otherwise the consequences are fatal. Listening to both the verbal and nonverbal movements of your clients requires rapt attentiveness.
  • Adequate Preparation; ability to always be prepared at any time of the day as your services can be required whenever. Cases are to be prepared so as to always represent any client before the court and not to give disappointing presentations.
  • Extensive research; a lot of reading, massively digesting pieces of information for analyzing data. Extensively submerge yourself in reading and research study.
  • Dedication; lack of dedication leads to failure and lack of passion. The legal world is competitive and the struggle is needed to scale through hence the dedication steers you on to never give up.

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