Antiguan Graduate Scholarships

Antiguan Graduate Scholarships

The Antiguan graduate scholarships, are one of the efforts of the government of this country and international organization to promote international students application. The scholarship are listed below.

Though some applicants are find of asking this question on  Antiguan graduate scholarship

How Can I Get a Scholarship In Antigua?

To be eligible for scholarships in Antigua you must have fulfilled the criteria listed below especially providing the documents.

A copy of recent passport-size photograph.

certified copy of valid international passport.

certified copy of your  certificate of birth.

certified copy of academic certificate, diploma or degree.

letter of acceptance from the Institution to which you have applied to study

Statement from parent regarding bonding & funding

What Do You Gain from Scholarship?

Scholarship will take away your financial concerns and it will help make you to concentrate on your studies, they’re by giving you more time to read.  This will help you  to seek for better opportunities to gain skills and have ample time to study, which is why Antiguan graduate scholarships, will be needed.

Do Graduate Students Gain Merit Scholarship?

Master’s degree courses are always quite expensive, and this is why many persons who wish to study in any  university, seek for alternative ways they can get funding for their studies.  They’remany ways to study I  a graduate school, but the best is through merit scholarship.  And this scholarship is awarded to excellent students.  This scholarship is awarded to students who excelled well in their undergraduate degree and  have a good GPA.  Good standardized tests(GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS) also helps.

Chevening in Antigua and Barbuda

This scholarship is funded by the UK government, through her foreign, Commonwealth and development office, and other partner organization.  To those interested in pursuing their master’s in the United Kingdom.

Successful candidates for this scholarship comes from different countries, and diverse but they all demonstrate the  the passion, vision and skills needed to shape a better world.  This scholarship requires her applicants to choose three different courses at the same institution or 3 similar courses at different institution. And this courses must reflect your current and future goals.

Value Description of the Chevening in Antigua and Barbuda

Being part of the Antiguan graduate scholarships,  offers her candidate’s the following

  • Fully funded tuition fee
  • Accomodations
  • Textbook allowance
  • Research allowance
  • Airfare
  • Monthly stipend
  • And lots more

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for Chevening in Antigua and Barbuda

To be eligible for this Antiguan graduate scholarships, the applicants must have fulfilled or meet the criteria listed below.

  1. Your course must be full time and start in autumn ( September/October)
  2. The master’s must be taught not a research based
  3. Must be based in the UK
  4. You must be a citizen of chevening eligible country i.e a Commonwealth nation
  5. Must return to your country of citizenship two years immediately after the end of the scholarship
  6. Must have qualified for her undergraduate degree by having 2:1
  7. Must have atleast two years work experience

Note: Antigua and Barbuda, doesn’t have visa centres you will be required to travel to the nearest country to get your UK Visa. But will be reimbursed on getting the scholarship.

Benefits Of Graduate Scholarships in Antiguan

The Antiguan graduate scholarships has several benefits,  which includes

  1. It will cover your tuition fee
  2. It will cover your Visa processing fee
  3. It will cover your application
  4. It will cover your research application
  5. It offers her scholars stipends monthly
  6. It will give you an ample time to study
  7. It will help you to develop skills needed to advance your career
  8. It will boast your career

Work And study in Antiguan and Barbuda

They’re several  jobs international students can do,  thou some of their jobs are regulated in Antigua and Barbuda, in order to give them ample time to study, and to also concentrate in their research work. To get work in Antigua and Barbuda as a student you need to get a clearence from your institution,  thou many institution in this country offer her students the opportunity to undertake internships, students are allowed to work during weekends and holidays.

Students in Antigua and Barbuda take up  jobs as cleaner’s, hotel attendants, shop keepers etc during the weekend and holidays,  some take part time courses during the week online.  It will not support your tuition fee but will help you to save money for feeding etc.

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