Best 10 Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students

Best 10 Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students

The united Kingdom, UK has one of the most expensive institutions in the world, owing to their prestige in respect to building a reputable institution and her universities are world class,  most of her universities have made her students to study at a subsidized amount. Which is we have compiled a list of the best cheapest universities in UK for international students.

Lots of students ask these questions

Are there Scholarships Offered to International Students in the UK Colleges? If So, How Do You Apply for Them?

They’re many scholarship’s offered to students who wish to study in the united kingdom UK, and some are based on institutions, some are by international humanitarian organizations, and NGOs, a lot of them can be applied by clicking the institutions website, or scholarship website. Each of them always has some criteria involved so in order to qualify one needs to meet up the requirements.  E.g of UK scholarships are London school of hygiene and tropical medicine scholarships, Gates Cambridge scholarships, etc.

Can International Students Get a Permanent Residency in the United Kingdom?

Permanent residency in the united kingdom can be gotten 5 years after graduation, and to be eligible you must be of good character, and is working in an organization where u earn a minimum of £23000, get a  Tier 2 work visa, or a Marriage visa, or a Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Investment visa.

Below are the list of cheapest universities in UK for international students

  • AECC University College

Location: Bournemouth United kingdom

Website: Visit

This university has the lowest tuition fee for international students,  her tuition fee ranges from £4,800–16,500, most of her courses  are health related, and it courses are  physiotherapy and chiropractic, its aims at building health care professional for the generation, its awards bachelor’s degree, masters and PhD.

  • The University of Northampton

Location: Northamptonshire, England Uk

Website: Visit

This university gained full university status in 2005,  it ranked 47/out if 119 universities, her students population is around, 13,0000 in both her graduate, undergraduate  programs, and her female population exceeds that of the men.

  • Middlesex University

Location: Hendon, North London, England

Website: Visit

This institution was established in 1973 as Middlesex polytechnic, it is a public research university, but was raised to a status of a university in 1992,  this university ranked 103 out of 119 universities, her tuition fee for international students is from £ 6,500–18,500,   it also focuses on building her students with skills needed to fast track your career after studying.  Its students population is around 23,855.

  • Leeds Beckett University

Location: LeedsWest Yorkshire, England

Website: Visit

This university offers about 190 degree programs, dome her programs are accounting, sonic arts etc,  cost of your degree varies depending on what you studied,  it works with her experts to.provide her international students in postgraduate programs an inclusive environment to thrive.  Her tuition fee ranges from £ 5,200–16,000,

  • Teesside University 

Location: Middlesbrough, England

Website: Visit

This university was established in 1930, as Constantine technical college but was elevated to a university in 1992, it ranks 95 out of 119 universities,  her students population is around 28,096 members, her tuition fee range is from £7,500–14,500. They offer several programs for her undergraduate and graduate programs.

  • Royal Veterinary College

Location: London

Website: Visit

This university offers several programs with options in the field of veterinary, its program allows her students to explore her potential and build them up.

  • University of Cumbria

Location: Carlisle

Website: Visit

This university was established in 2007, her postgraduate tuition fee is one of the cheapest,  it ranked around 109 out of 119 universities, it has a students population of about 12,410 including her postgraduate and graduate students. Her tuition fee is £10,500. It has an attractive environment for students.

  • University College of Osteopathy

Location: London, UK

Website: Visit

This university specializes in the fields of osteopathy, it aims at making graduates of this fields compete with international standards.  It offers several programs which awards MSc in Osteopathy, a PGCert in Academic and Clinical Education and a PGCert in Animal Osteopathy.  Tuition fee is around £11,100.

  • Staffordshire University

Location: Staffordshire, England

Website: Visit

This university was established in 1992, it students population is around 15,190. It is a public research university,  its program are affordable and has low tuition fee.

  • University of Suffolk

Location: Trent,

Website: Visit

This university was established in 2007 but was granted independence in 2016, it has always awarded her degrees in affiliation to universities of East Anglia and Essex before her independence, it offers her students opportunity to work with a large global network.

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