Best Community Colleges in Texas USA

The lone star state with her diverse and rich history attracts so many persons, it also has an affordable cost of living and her metropolitan cities San Antonio and Austin has a cost of living below the national standard, this state most of her most employing fields requires at least an associate degree, which is why we compiled the list of the best community college in Texas.

  1. Laredo Community College

Location: Laredo, TX


This institution was established in 1947, it has about 10000 students and offers about associate and certificate programs and continuing education classes. It has online and classroom courses, it has a dual degree options. It also has computer science, foreign languages, engineering, applied accounting, culinary arts, and business tracks. It has scholarship offers and awards financial aids.

  1. Lee College

Location: Baytown, TX


It has about 8200 students, it has about 100 academic programs which prepares her students for a career in the job market or transferring to a bachelor’s program. It has an associate degree, certificate, it has online and hybrid courses through blackboard. It also offers a scholarship for those interested in going to a four-year college.

  1. College of the Mainland

Location: Texas City, TX


It was established in 1967, with a student’s population of about 4700, it awards associate and career-training programs, it offers her online program through the Blackboard platform.  It courses are general studies, health information management, teaching, graphic arts, and marketing.

  1. Northwest Vista College

Location: San Antonio, TX


This institution has about 16,000 students, it offers a certificate and technical degree, and transfer degree.  It also offers some professional degrees. Her online program is powered through the canvas platform.

  1. Southwest Texas Junior College

Location: Uvalde, TX


This institution was established in 1946, as a vocational degree.  It has a student’s population of 7,000, it has about associate, adult education, dual-enrollment, and workforce development programs.  It also has a flexible online program.

  1. Amarillo College

Location: Amarillo, TX


It has a student’s population of about 10,000, it also offers a comprehensive catalog of certificates and degree.  Its online program is through the blackboard platform. It offers a variety of campus based program.

  1. San Jacinto College

Location: Pasadena, TX


This institution has a student’s population of 30,000, this institution delivers a dual program for high school students, and home school program. It has courses which awards certificates in administrative assisting, game design and development, and global logistics and supply chain management.  Its program also offers associate degree and diploma. It maintains an open door admission policy.

  1. Galveston College

Location: Galveston, TX


This institution has a student’s population of about 2000 and it delivers on-campus, distance education, and study abroad programs. It offers an associate degree, certificate, pre professional degree program for those interested in pursuing a course in dentistry, medicine, and veterinary medicine. It also offers scholarship to her students.

  1. El Paso Community College

Location: El Paso, TX


This institution was founded in 1971, it is the fastest growing community college with a student’s population of about 35000, it offers career courses that leads to award of certificate, in fields like estate management, it also offers technical associate courses in homeland security etc., candidates can opt in for a transfer associate courses too.

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