CDI College Montreal Work Permit -Every Information you Need to Know

CDI College Montreal Work Permit -Every Information you Need to Know

Lots of students who wish to study and work while undergoing their degree program always opt for the CDI college, located in Quebec,  this private college offers several academic programs to both international and local students, and for months now most of the visitors to our blog have been asking us questions as regards the CDI college Montreal work permit, everything you need to know as a candidate, which is one of the reasons why we compiled this with answers to possible questions.

This college requires her international students to gain the  Québec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) and have a study permit,  thou they’re several ways one can gain work permit in Quebec after studies, at CDI college which will be made known to us all in due course.

The table of content listed below will go a long way in helping us to achieve

  1. Is CDI college a good place for international students?
  2. Does CDI college Montreal give her students work permit ?
  3. How can you  get a work permit in Montreal?
  • Post graduation work permit
  • Quebec selection Certificatea. Québec Experience Program (PEQ) b. Skilled Worker Program

Is CDI College a Good Place for International Students? 

This institution since 1969, has continued to offer her students both international and local a quality education,  it offers her international students about 100 diverse programs aimed at preparing then to meet the job needs of their local and global community in the area of business, technology, and healthcare industries.

Through her hands on learning, it makes her students convenient with knowledge and skills employed by professional in that fields at laboratories to meet the needs of industries.

The accommodation needs of her international students are meet and it has a simplified application system for her international students.

Does CDI College Montreal Give Her Students Work Permit?

This institution is a designated learning institution,  it doesn’t have any requirements for post graduate work permit,   thou it is alleged that this institution has a bad reputation among employer’s sometimes making it difficult to find work after studies.

This institution Doesn’t offer a work permit but it is  the immigration, Refugees and citizenship of Canada IRCC that does so.

How Can you Get a Work Permit in Montreal?

Some persons would love to work in Montreal without the CDI college Montreal work permit, and are always seeking for other options available, they’re about 3 options available to those interested.

  • Post graduation work permit 
  • Quebec selection certificate CSQ

a. Québec Experience Program (PEQ)

b. Skilled Worker Program

This steps is open to everyone despite any institution they attended,

Post-Graduation Work Permit

This platform is aimed at helping international students gain a quick permanent residency in Canada, using the Canadian express class.

To be qualified for this applicants must  possess a  study permit before applying for it.

Applicants must have studied full time program in a designated learning institution DLI.

Applicants must have completed his or her program and have received a reference letter.

Application is within 90 days of receiving the transcript.

Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ)

To be eligible for this program you must be 18 years and  be willing to establish in Montreal.

Québec Experience Program (PEQ)

This program is specially for skilled persons,  those with skilled jobs in Montreal with a minimum of  12 month’s,  a knowledge of French.

Having a Job experience during a youth exchange program in Montreal can be considered,

Skilled workers program:

This program reflects on the socio cultural aspects of the applicants, its into consideration the applicants spouse.

It has the following options

Foreign student program in Québec

Temporary foreign workers program

Youth exchange program


This institution has the Canadian government authorization to host international students, but didn’t meet the requirements for her graduates to gain a work permit, after graduation. More information can be obtained by clicking

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