Cost of Studying Abroad

Cost of Studying Abroad

Most times studying abroad from the alumni report always seems to be one of the best experiences,  while those who couldn’t make it to study abroad always have litanies of reasons why they couldn’t make it.  While some cite numerous reasons, the impact/ cost of studying abroad.  The most common barrier to studying abroad is the total cost.  But this is not supposed to be so.

We will be answering questions, on  what most international students always ask

How Much Does it Take to Study Abroad?

This has always  been the issue of which has caused a major concern to those who wish to study abroad, as a result of the varying fees of  different countries,  the various financial aids, students scholarships offered to those who wish to study in Amy university abroad.  The cost of studying abroad is dependent on the institutions and host country.

What is the Average Cost of Studying Abroad? 

This will be a counterproductive as different countries have their own difference, and studying abroad is influenced by factors like cost of living, tuition fee, accommodation etc.  Thou the international institute for education  says that average cost of studying abroad is hovering around $18,000 per semester, or $36,000 per full academic year. Thou studying in countries that are inexpensive like India, Africa etc can be lower than this too.

What’s the Cost to Study Abroad ?

As we earlier said a lot of factors influence study abroad costs which will be detailed here

  • Tuition

This takes up about 40-60% of the total expense of the students,  as it is the primary and central expenses every international student must pay. And this varies for every institutions, thou special scholarships sometimes comes into play here which also influence the tuition fee. Sometimes regional organization can also influence tuition too like European Union.

  • Housing

This area encompasses fields like rent and daily costs of living, e.g foods, entertainment,  despite many universities offering cheap and affordable accommodation, it still contributes greatly to international study cost so much. And most of this institutions provide meals to students to too,  thou options of living outside the university exists but its normally exorbitant.

  • Transportation

Some universities include cost of traveling to that country through Air, while some don’t ’include, and apart from this you will be using transportation on daily basis,  so this may contribute a little percent but it matters.

What are the Impact of Studying Abroad?

They’re lots of impact studying abroad has to offer her students which includes

  • Opportunity to Make Life Long Connection

Many friends you will make as an international student  will take your career to a greater part, as you will meet people from various countries and culture, share knowledge with them, and lots of them seeing your capability may want to recommend you in the future to help pilot their countries economy.

  • Opportunity to Learn New Cultures

Studying abroad will offer the greatest opportunities of learning new cultures and language, this will  greatly boost your CV as it makes you a versatile person, who can influence the society. It will make your appreciate other peoples culture.

There’re several impacts of studying abroad, and which will despite the cost of studying warrant you to make sure you study abroad. So what matters is doing the write things, thou they’re lots of supports giving to international student, the best way to avoid  being duped is to visit the nearest embassy of the country you want to study in.

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