How To Get A Hong Kong Citizenship, Requirements And Process

How To Get A Hong Kong Citizenship, Requirements And Process

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and one of the most densely populated places in the world. It has a high GDP, low unemployment rate, and great education level. Being a Hong Kong citizen is the dream of many people in this city.

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Hong Kong is an important business center for mainland China. The local government wants to attract more investors to this city with its friendly environment and high standards. Hong Kong has been an important part of international trade for centuries, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular vacation spots in Asia.

What is a Hong Kong citizenship?

Hong Kong is one of the countries in Asia that has a system of handing out Hong Kong citizenship. However, this special status does not come for free. Only those who are citizens of China and Macau can apply for Hong Kong citizenship, which makes it harder to obtain because everyone wants to make sure they have the best chance at obtaining it. This also means that you will pay more when buying a house or condo in HK because being without a Hong Kong citizenship will make you much less attractive as a buy.

There are two main ways to get Hong Kong citizenship:

1. The direct route

2. The indirect route

How Do I Get A Hong Kong Visa With No Knowledge of Chinese?

There are many ways to get a Hong Kong visa. The easiest way is to go to the Hong Kong Immigration Department and apply for a visa.

The application process takes about two hours and involves filling in forms, paying fees, taking a test, passing an interview and waiting for your visa. You can also go through the official website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department at After you have completed the form and paid for your application fee, you will be sent a confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed with the visa process. You should start preparing yourself for this process as soon as possible so that you do not miss any important dates or deadlines!

The Hong Kong Immigration Department has a dedicated webpage where you can read the detailed instructions and check the status of your visa application. Hong Kong visa application usually takes two to three weeks. You must meet all of the necessary requirements for a Hong Kong visa by filling out your immigration forms, submitting all required documents and paying the entry fee. Note that if you are Chinese, you will need to fill out an application for a Hong Kong Alien Registration Card and pay an additional fee of HK$250 (US$30). Then you can submit your immigration forms. The details regarding how and where to apply depends on where in the UK you are living. Your immigration information must be submitted to the office in person, and cannot be sent using post. Adapted from a guide prepared by the National Immigration Centre (NIC)

Hong Kong Citizenship FAQs & Immigration Tips

The Hong Kong Citizenship FAQs & Immigration Tips website was created by the Hong Kong Government with the aim of providing answers to all those questions that people have about becoming a citizen of Hong Kong. The website also contains information on how to apply for citizenship and information on the various aspects of applying for citizenship.

What are the Requirements for Hong Kong Citizenship?

A person who is eligible for Hong Kong citizenship can bring his or her family to Hong Kong.

  • He or she also needs to have a valid passport.
  • He must also have a valid electronic travel authorization.
  • An individual who is not eligible for Hong Kong citizenship may bring his or her family to Hong Kong,
  • but he or she will not be able to travel to mainland China during the period of his stay in Hong Kong.
  • If a person arrives in Hong Kong on a travel document in Hong Kong he can spend anywhere from 3 to 6 months in the territory but not more than 18 months. As long as his stay is within the territory, he can apply for Hong Kong citizenship.

Once all of those requirements are met, you may apply for Hong Kong citizenship.

  • The process itself is quite simple and should take less than 4 hours.
  • In order to apply, you will need: passport, proof of address , and proof of Hong Kong National Identity Card (HKNIC).
  • You can start the process by going to the Hong Kong Immigration Department, which is located in Room A40 at the Hong Kong International Airport.
  • You will need to call ahead and schedule an appointment.
  • Once you arrive at the airport, you need to fill out a paper application form that should take less than 5 minutes.
  • Once it’s submitted you can head on down to receive your passport from them.
  • From there, it takes about 1 hour to get your new Hong Kong passport.
  • If you’re traveling outside of Hong Kong, you will be required to go through a reentry visa process that takes roughly 2 weeks.

Hong Kong Citizenship Application

The Hong Kong Citizenship Application (HKCA) is a process that requires a person to prove his/her eligibility for citizenship. This process can take up to 120 days. There are various ways to prepare for Hong Kong Citizenship Application. The most important thing is that it is the best time to prepare for Hong Kong Citizenship Application as there were many changes in the laws and regulations that have been introduced recently. Read more on how to prepare for Hong Kong Citizenship Application here: How To Prepare For The Hong Kong Citizen Status Certificate (HKCA)

How to Apply For Hong Kong Citizenship For Non- Nationals

With only one exception, non-nationals in Hong Kong are not eligible to take up citizenship.

Application Process and Eligibility Requirements for Non-nationals in order to become a Hong Kong citizen a person must meet the following eligibility requirements

A person who is at least 14 years old when Hong Kong independence day occurs (June 1) can apply to be registered in the electoral roll. That age is not applicable for children born before or after that date. The Immigration Department will accept applications only from those aged at least 15 years old on June 1, 2014

Permanent residence status : Since 2011, non-nationals must have permanent residence status to be eligible to apply for Hong Kong citizenship. However , if you are a national of one of the 13 countries you can apply for permanent residence status. If you have lived in Hong Kong for more than 10 years, the Home Affairs Department will calculate your eligibility based on your place of residence when you were born, and then issue a Permanent Residence Card (PRC) to give you permanent residents’ rights. The Permanent Residence Card is valid for five years and can be used as proof of identity, proof of nationality and proof of permanent residence.

What is the process for getting Hong Kong Citizenship?

A citizen of Hong Kong has to fulfill certain criteria before he or she can be granted citizenship. These criteria are set by the Hong Kong Immigration Department and are based on a number of factors including a person’s birth in Hong Kong, residence in Hong Kong for the last five years, and naturalization. or naturalization into Hong Kong. However, despite the fact that they can be granted citizenship by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, citizens of other countries may have a different set of requirements.

  • Make sure you have a Hong Kong identity card before coming to Hong Kong.
  • You will also need to provide your birth certificate or passport for this purpose.
  • Having a Chinese ID card won’t make you eligible for citizenship, as it is not recognized by the Hong Kong Immigration Department as an official identification document.
  • For children under 18 years old, have your parental permission letter or birth certificate with you when applying for citizenship (if you are not already Singaporean).
  • The parents of an adult must also provide a birth certificate or other official proof of identity.
  • An applicant under 21 years old can submit a letter from their father or mother and a birth certificate to prove that they are the son or daughter of such person.
  • Applicants under 18 years old can submit a letter from their biological father or mother and passport to prove that they are the son or daughter of such person.
  • If you have had your Hong Kong ID card for less than six months, you can apply for a new one with an expired Hong Kong ID card, you can no longer get a new one.
  • The minimum age to be eligible for an original identity document is 14 years old.

In order to apply for a passport they must be:

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  • The applicant must be an adult, either male or female HDB residents.
  • Only one application may be submitted to the Public Security Bureau for a Hong Kong ID card.
  • A family member of any age can apply for a passport if both applicants are HDB residents and their relationship is approved by the relevant departmental officer.

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