How To Get A Study Scholarship In Antigua

How To Get A Study Scholarship In Antigua

How to get a scholarship in Antigua?,  Antigua is one of the  two major island’s that make up the carribean nation of Antigua and Bardua.  This island has many Sandy Beach.  It has several museums.  To get admitted into any of her universities for any scholarship program, you must have applied for that university , and must have meet the criteria involved in getting admitted to her program.

Some questions asked by those who are searching for how to get a study scholarship in Antigua will be answered here.

What is the Easiest Way to Gain Scholarship to Study in Antigua?

They’re several ways of getting scholarship easily to study in Antigua or any part of the world, they include the following

  • Give the scholarship sponsor what it wants
  • Get involved with your community
  • Look professional
  • Use a scholarship search engine
  • Don’t ignore the optional questions
  • Learn more about scholarship odds
  • Apply to every eligible scholarship
  • Look for essay contests

What are the Easiest Scholarships to Get for International Students?

They include the following scholarship

  • Foreign Fulbright Student Program.
  • Humphrey Fellowship Program.
  • American University Scholarships. American University (AU)
  • Amherst College Scholarships

Antiguan Government University Scholarships

They’re several scholarship opportunities provided by the United States government, to citizens who and international students who wish to study in the Antigua, and some of this scholarship are also funded by the prime minister.  Here is the list of the scholarship opportunities available to those who wish to study in Antigua

Board of Education Scholarship

This scholarship is fully funded by the countries board of education and to be eligible for this scholarship, you must have fulfilled the criteria listed below and listed their documents.

  • A recent passport photograph
  • A certificate of valid passport
  • Certificate of birth
  • Certified copy of academic certificate, diploma or degree
  • Letter of acceptance from an institution you applied
  • Statement from parents
  • Rationale for undertaking course of study

Areas of study covered in this scholarship


Early Childhood Training; Guidance Counselling; Special Education; Information Technology; Mathematics; testing and Measurement; Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography; Music and Industrial Arts.


Land Surveying, Physical Planning and Building Technology, Architectural Technology. Engineering: Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Industrial and Telecommunications


Computer Programming, Network & Design, Computer Information Systems, Computer Engineering


Culinary Arts; Hospitality Management; Travel; Resort Recreation


Trade Finance, Banking, Accounts, International Relations


Art & Craft, Art, Graphic Design, Film & Television Production, Interior Design, Journalism


Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics





Getting a scholarship to study in Antigua, is very easy as her board of education does her best to ensure transparency, and the ability to choose the  the right courses and universities, as an international student you should have applied for the scholarship before April 30th and must be willing to maintain a CPA of about 3.0, undergraduate students must have passed with a C in six subjects, including English and maths.

Application Details

The applicants must follow the steps listed below

  1. Fill out all sections of the application forms
  2. Fill them in duplicate
  3. Must fill out source of finance except Board of education
  4. Must provide the phone number, address of two sureties
  5. If transcript is still being processed write pending.

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Scholarship Opportunities In  Antigua and Barbuda

They’re several scholarship opportunities available to students who wish to study in Antigua and bardua,  and which has answered the question always asked by international students, on how to get a study scholarship in Antigua, The scholarships are listed below

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