Ideas to Save Money as an International Student

Ideas to Save Money as an International Student

Lots of students find it hard to save money, which is one of the reasons some while studying are always taking opportunities to access students loans and financial aids, lots of them try to leave exorbitant lifestyle trying to impress their counterpart, some are on the internet always seeking for the best ideas on how to save.

Some international students are always fond of asking this questions

Are there Ways I Can Save Money from Tuition Fees?

Many international students  seek for opportunities where they can gain scholarships, both full or partial thereby saving themselves a lot of expenses, and the best way to gain scholarship as international students is to study well and be among the top, then either you gain from your dean or the university recommends you for one.

Are there University Students can get job?

Many universities give students jobs, where they earn little stipends  to cover their needs, many international students take up jobs as house cleaners, delivery agents, restaurant attendants, and other minor jobs where their studies can be accommodated, while still finding time to study. Many universities in the US offers job opportunities for her students.

How Can One Access Students Loans?

They’re several ways to gain students loan and aids as international students, first you need to have an account, in the united States of America students create account with  your our FSA ID number will be needed.

They’re several ways on can save money as an international student they’re listed below

  • Buy second hand textbook’s

Not all books are compulsory to buy, you can use  the privilege of the library or borrow books from friend’s, and they’re always online malls that sells second hand books, at cheap and affordable price. And you can also sell of your books once you’re done using them.

You can also buy your own printer, and save up a lot from printing your works.

  • Invest in travel cards

This is a great opportunity for those who love traveling, most times travel cards do have discounts attached to them, Even  subway systems, buses, trains, sometimes even flights can be available.

  • Leave close to your school or a walking distance

This will not only motivate you for lectures but will go a long way in helping you to save money, because you don’t need to pay taxi or bus card anytime you venture on campus.

  • Consider leaving off campus 

Sometimes leaving off campus can save you many expenses as regards, most times it helps students save chunks of cash as regards feeding and other living costs,  some persons live in between, by splitting their time, it is also affordable to have roommates too.

  • Be smart as regards your food shopping list

It will be nice if you reduce your feeding cost by going for supermarket goods and not branded, cooking with your roommates and planning of meal’s ahead of time will go a long way to reduce the cost of feeding,  reducing the time spent in coffee shop’s, buying sandwich by preparing your own lunch will go a long way in helping you save.

  • Look into meal options

It nice you source your meal’s, they’re several ways many universities employ to subsidize her students meals, some go to the extent of providing restaurants and dining hall,  and some slow students plan their meal’s, and also Cook their foods,  so be careful not to be tempted by takeaway options.

  • Shop at second hand stores

Buying second hand goods goes a long way to help you save your money, items like sell ladies’, men’s and children’s clothing, books, toys, ornaments, kitchenware, videos, music, computer games, furnishings etc can be accessed at  low or discount price,

  • Use Skype to call home

This is one of the best ways of saving money as majority of the international student spend so much on communication, and Skype also affords you with many inexpensive ways of making calls without spending so much.  Like you can connect eirg someone that doesn’t have a Skype account, video call with it.

  • Utilize students discount

Lots of firms, do have discounts for students, always ask if they shop you want to buy something from has students discount, then present your ID card, or you register with .

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