International Scholarships For Married Couples

International Scholarships For Married Couples

Lots of married couples who wish to study in different parts of the world are always searching for international scholarship for married couples. As a result of their need to balance up their pay check and also cater for their academic. Thou most international scholarship for married couples also covers the spouses as well, but not all.

Some few questions will be answered , as most applicants for international scholarship for married couples are known to ask them.

Can I Apply for Scholarship While Still Pregnant?

Majority of the institutions do not allow women in their third trimester to continue their education,  so pregnancy sometimes will poses as a hindrance , so while looking for international scholarship for married couples, remember some platform’s will ask you if you’re pregnant.

Can a Divorcée Apply for Scholarship Meant for Married Couples?

This depends on the scholarship, thou most scholarship are currently adjusting their policy to accommodate those divorced, who wish to further their education.

International Scholarships For Married Couples

  • Ed Bacome Scholarship

The Ohio state university, college of food, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,  provides this scholarships to students especially married couples who wish to study in any program of the college at the university of Ohio.  The candidates wishing to apply must be full time undergraduate.  For more information about the scholarship click this link

  • Carl K. Davis Scholarship 

This scholarship is fully funded for undergraduate students of Idaho state university, who are married and wish to attend the law school, and are currently in their pre law school, with a GPA of 2.0. And must be a full time undergraduate students. Click here for more information

  • Paul W. Martin, Sr. Scholarship

This program is available to students of Middle Tennessee  University, this program is reserved for honors participants, this scholarship is competitive and is dispensed to preferred groups like military veterans, and married applicants.  It awards about 4-6  scholarship yearly,  it awards  $1500 to her winning students. Click here for details

  • David D. Marshall Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is available to married students, studying in the Virginia common wealth university, they must be need and success are pre requisite of the scholarship. Also fourth year academic status. Candidates who are successful are drawn from the upper 50% of their classes. Click here for details

  • Lillian Kumata Scholarship

This scholarships is a need based scholarship, and it among the international Scholarships for married couples, it is a partial scholarship. It is available to students of Michigan state university, and to be eligible you be a wife or husband to a student enrolled in the university. Click here for details

  • Bertha Dewey Stock Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is available to married students who are preparing to enter into a full time ministry, upon graduation, and must be a student of the cornerstone university. To be eligible for this scholarship you must have earned a 60 college credit. Click here for details

  • Stateside Spouse Education Assistance Program (SSEAP) 

This scholarship is available to spouses of military officer’s, seeking higher education,  this scholarships targets spouses of soldiers on active duty, widowers/Widow of soldiers who died on active duty, click here for details

International scholarships for moms

There’re several international scholarships for moms, which is specially excluded from the international scholarships for married couples, as a way of rewarding the dignity of motherhood. The scholarship are

  1. American Association of University Women (AAUW)
  2. The Schlumberger Foundation
  3. PEO International
  4. Margaret McNamara Education Grants
  5. Zonta International
  6. Women Techmakers Scholars Program
  7. L’Oréal-UNESCO for Women in Science Programme

How married students can get international scholarships

Due to the availability of scholarships currently, the best way married students can get scholarships is through written a beautiful and well edited statement of purpose.  Which gives full details about yourself, how you have been able to cope up with family responsibilities, and also academic responsibilities. You can cite previous examples.  And make sure you have the necessary academic details required for each scholarships.

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