List of Universities Accepting TOEFL Score of 70 and Below

List of Universities Accepting TOEFL Score of 70 and Below

TOEFL is an acronym that stands for “Test of English as a Foreign Language” is one of the requirements or exams an international student must sit for before acceptance to study in an English-speaking country. The exact TOEFL score needed for admission depends on the choice of study or institute you choose to study, as each institution requires a different score.

What is the Best TOEFL Score?

The best TOEFL score is the best score that meets the score requirements of the school you choose. Generally, the Toefl score is usually over a 100+ by some schools, however not all test scorers get up to this requirement, and to make room for those who do not there are some good institutes that accept a lower score for admission.

Some highly competitive institutes demand a 100+ score for admission, while others require a test score of 60 -80+ and interesting to note that other colleges do not require TOEFL to gain acceptance to study. In most of this institute, they will give an alternative to the second option of conditional admission with the requirement to take ESL (English as a second language)

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Is Below 70 a Great Score?

One of the most nagging mind bitting questions we ask ourselves when we are done with the TOEFL exam is; what will be my score? will it be any good?. Important to note is before we sit for the test we want to make adequate up-to-date research on our choice of institution, doing that will give us a heads up on what minimum score is required by the institution.

We should however note that TOEFL is just a test for ENGLISH MASTERY it’s not an admission exam, as there are other requirements a candidate must undergo to secure admission. This is also applicable even when under Scholarship funds the test must be taken.

List of Universities Accepting TOEFL Score of 70 and Below

Here is the list of colleges and their names and their minimum score requirement

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  1. Bowling Green State University: is a public research university located in Bowling green, Ohio, founded in 1910. The Toefl minimum test score is  61
  2. East Tennessee State University; is a State University located in Johnson City Tennessee, governed by an institutional board of trustees. A TOEFL minimum score of 61 for undergraduate.
  3. Idaho State University; was founded in 1901, located in Pocatello, Idaho. They have a massive admission of over 12900 students both part-time and full-time. They accept a TOEFL minimum score of 70, however, this provision is made available only to undergraduate students for a degree or non-degree programs.
  4. Miami State University; formerly referred to as “UM,UMIAMI” etc is a private research university located in Florida. It has a record of over 14000 students from all over the world. They offer conditional admission to students with a TOEFL score of 70 and below.
  5. The University of New Mexico; was founded in the year 1889 and is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a public research university that offers courses in Bachelors’s, master’s degree programs. The TOEFL minimum score is 68.
  6. The University of Tulsa; is a private research institution located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They accept a TOEFL minimum score of 70 and these scores must be sent directly from the testing organization. Important to note is that the application has a deadline
  7. Pittsburg State University;  located at 4200 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, United States, offers conditional admission to both graduates and undergraduates with low TOEFL scores.  However, they will be enrolled in an Intensive English Program when they arrive at the school. The minimum score for TOEFL is 60.
  8. The University of Montana; is located in Missoula United States, regarded as the second-largest campus in the country with a record of over 9000 undergraduates and graduate students. The TOEFL minimum required test score is 70
  9. Cleveland State University: was founded in the year 1964, located in the City of Cleveland, Ohio. The Toefl minimum score of  65 for undergraduate studies.
  10. Clark University Worchester; was founded in 1887, and named after a prominent businessman named Jonas Gilmart Clark. It is located in Worchester, Massachusetts. They accept a TOEFL score of 60-69 with conditional admission, and enrollment of ESL for the first semester.
  11. University of Nevada: located in Las Vegas, United States requires a TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE(TOEFL) low minimum score of  61-68.
  12. University of the Pacific; was founded in the year 1849 is a private university located in Oregon, United States. Toefl requirement is different for programs undertaken,: Transition Programs= minimum score is 53-70.

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