Onion in Socks: Origin and Health Benefits of Eating Onions

Onion in Socks: Origin, Health Benefits of Eating Onions & Benefits of Onion in

Socks While Asleep

Putting onions in your socks might be odd, but some persons wear onion in their socks to sleep as it’s a remedy for infections, such as the cold or flu.

The sole of your feet is very direct and powerful points to the internal organs of your body. This is possible by what is known as meridians in Chinese medicine. These so-called meridians are pathways to each of the organs in your body.

These meridians are basically, extremely powerful circuits which exist within the body and are often asleep or dormant, due to the lack of walking we do barefoot, or the lack of acupuncture in our society which does not activate these circuits.

It is best to walk bare feet on grass to activate this circuit. Yes, now you understand why it feels so nice to walk on the grass barefooted.

Another very cool way to open these circuits is to cut up garlic or onion and place it under your feet with your socks on while you sleep. This will help purify your body and your organs and provide other health benefits.

Onions and garlic are known air purifiers and when applied to the skin topically they kill germs and bacteria but also the phosphoric acid (the substance from onions that makes you cry when you cut them open) enters the bloodstream it helps to purify the blood and kill any bacteria or germs that may be festering waiting to give you the flu.

Some people go so far as to say to never reuse an onion because it will collect germs and bacteria and then you’re eating that. I am not sure if this is true or not because it’s a percentage of people that say it is, and some that say it isn’t! What I do know though is that the onions do age (oxidize, age from oxygen) on the layer that’s cut open and eating oxidized food isn’t the freshest and healthiest form of that food, so cutting that layer off before you eat the onion may be smart to avoid eating germ or bacteria infested layer of onion.

Some people believe that if you come down with a cold or the flu, all you have to do is slice a red or white onion into rounds, place them on the bottoms of your feet, and put on a pair of socks. Leave the socks on overnight as you sleep. In the morning, you’ll wake up cured of your illness.

Below is how to go about this process:

Cut Up Organic Onions Into Slices (White or Red Onions)..

You’ll want to use organic onions because they will be free of pesticides and other chemicals you don’t want sitting on your feet and entering your bloodstream all night. You’ll just want to cut the onions into flat slices so that they can be applied to the bottom of your entire foot (like a platform) so the bottom of your feet are immersed with onion while you sleep.

Put The Onions In Your Sock Under Your Foot (on the bottom) And Sleep!

As you sleep the natural healing powers of the onion will go to work through your skin (trans-dermal application) purifying your blood and killing bacteria and germs as well as absorbing toxins! It will also help to purify the air in your room.

You’ll benefit from the air purifying effects as well! In England, during plagues they would chop up onions and leave them in the room to purify the air and to help them not be susceptible to infections, the flu or anything that may harm them.

Where the Remedy Originated

This remedy may originate back to as early as the 1500s, according to the National Onion Association, when it was widely believed that placing raw, cut-up onion around your home could protect you from the bubonic plague. In those days, it was thought that infections were spread by miasma, or poisonous, noxious air. The miasma theory has since been replaced with the evidenced-based germ theory.

The general idea of putting onions in your socks may also stem from the ancient Chinese medicinal practice of foot reflexology. The nerves in the feet have been a focal point of Eastern medicine for thousands of years and are thought to act as access points to the internal organs.

Onions are rich in sulphuric compounds, which give them their pungent odor. According to the folklore, when placed on the feet, these compounds infiltrate the body. Then, they kill bacteria and viruses and purify the blood. Articles that make such claims also mention that placing onions around the room will rid the air of viruses, toxins, and chemicals.

Is it Dangerous?

If you do have flu and you wanna bounce back by all means, the the good news for you is that putting onions in your socks is unlikely to hurt you. There have been no reports of harm from this practice.

Health Benefits of Eating Onions

If you just wanna boost your immune system, eating onion may be a very good idea other than putting it under your feet on socks while sleeping. It’s well known that eating onions, like most vegetables, is good for your health.

For example, onions are one of the richest sources of dietary flavonoids, which may decrease your risk of cancer and inflammatory diseases. Onions are also great source of vitamin C, a vitamin that plays an important role in immune function. Regular consumption of the organosulfur compounds found in onions and garlic may also prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, according to a 2010 review.

You have nothing to lose by giving this onion and sock therapy a try!

The Benefits of Cutting up an Onion and Putting it in your Sock While you Sleep are as Follows

  1. Purify your Blood: Phosphoric acid from the onions as it’s applied and absorbed through transdermal means purifies the blood.
  2. Purify the Air: This little chamber of smelly onion around your feet will purify the air and keep your feet smelling better and free of toxins and chemicals pulling them out of your feet while you sleep
  3. Reduces Common Cold: Have you been exposed to unstable weather and caught a cold? Or did you get infected by one of the numerous circulating flu viruses? Onions can reduce the unpleasant symptoms of a common cold. Simply put onions into your socks and place them under your soles before going to bed. The onions will help strengthen your body overnight and you might already feel better in the morning. Past generations used to place onions on the pillow of the bed in order to help against sickness. The trick behind this hasn’t changed and still works.
  4. Infections: Onions have antibiotic properties and placing them beneath your feet increases the body’s ability to fight infections. Of course, it is important not to forget that this treatment is not suitable to replace prescription medications given to you by a doctor. Instead, this method works as an additional treatment and can lessen the unpleasant symptoms of your sickness. The onions kill all the germs, bacteria and other pathogens on your feet, in your skin. It is also very good for the skin of your feet. Onions (and garlic) have strong antibacterial and anti-viral benefits!
  5. Toxins: No matter how or where you live, toxins are found in all environments. Most of them are flushed out of our bodies quite quickly, while others accumulate in the blood and become harmful to our health. Onions contain phosphoric acid which helps the body cleanse itself from toxins. If you apply onions regularly, you can help your body become more vigorous and healthy.
  6. The Moisture Content of the Body: Onions contain a lot of moisture, in fact, 90% of the onion is actually water. Interestingly, our bodies have acupuncture points through which meridians that support the function of the organs pass. These acupuncture points help the meridians to equally distribute water around the body. Putting onions beneath your feet can help rehydrate the body. This is especially useful if you forgot to drink enough during the day.
  7. Immune System: Onions are a great source of Vitamin E and C and both of these are essential for our immune system. Not only that, but they are also powerful antioxidants and are believed to have anti-aging effects. Considering that, onions not only boost your immune system, they also keep you young and less reliant on expensive creams or even aesthetic interventions.
  8. Lose Weight: The thyroid gland is a very important organ as it makes sure there is the right hormonal balance in your body. Many of the hormones it secretes are directly related to the number of calories your body burns during the night. Try sleeping with an onion under your feet for a week in order to stimulate your thyroid gland. Needless to say, if you notice there is something wrong with your thyroid gland, you should contact a doctor immediately.
  9. Lungs: If you’ve been smoking and decided to quit at some point in your life, your body is likely still cleansing itself from some of the harmful substances stuck in your lungs. This is especially relevant to people who have just stopped smoking recently as the body has to work very hard to clear all the tar and other substances from the lungs. Putting onions in your socks during the night can help your body remove these toxins and might speed up your recovery period after smoking tobacco. The same method can be used for people that live in areas with high air pollution.

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