Scholarships For Students With Autism

Scholarships For Students With Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder primarily referred to as Autism is a developmental disorder that hinders the individual’s ability to communicate. It also affects the individual’s Nervous System making interaction and repetitive behavior difficult.

The cause of Autism has been attributed to both genetic and non-genetic factors making it impossible to properly outline its Source and sadly its cure.

Individuals with Autism are posed with so many innumerable challenges;

  • Inability to Communicate
  • Lack of speech, only slurpy sounds
  • Eye contact is always an ordeal
  • Isolation due to lack of interaction with people.

Irrespective of these challenges thankfully these special ones can still have an education like a normal human, however, funds for educational aspirations always pose a challenge. It is with great gratitude that Scholarships has been made available for them by Individuals and Corporate bodies that truly understand the hurdles they go through.

In this article, we will analyze carefully Ten Scholarships for Students with Autism

This scholarship is exclusively for students in Washtenaw County. They provide scholarships for High School Students and aspiring college students. The Scholarship is valued at $2,500, spectacular about this scholarship is the fact that there is no application form, rather a scholarship is awarded based on voting, performance and nominations.


The Perecman Firm is the charge of this Scholarship, awarded to students and relatives with Autism Spectrum. The Scholarship is valued at $5000 for qualified candidates who are awarded annually. In addition to this kindness is the fact that laws are made by this firm in order to protect persons with this spectrum.


  • Diagnosis proof of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Applicants must be a student enrolled in a reputed institution
  • Written essay of the chosen topic of either 500 or 1000 words
  • Academic Transcript which can be official or unofficial


Just as the name suggests the sole purpose of this Scholarship board is to “MAKE A DIFFERENCE” in the life of youngsters with this spectrum disorder. This they do by awarding the scholarship valued at $500 to care for educational expenses, this they have been doing successfully for the past 11 years.


  • An Autobiography of 250 words
  • Diagnosis of Autism and the age it was certified
  • Reference Letter
  • School resume
  • Applications can be made both by international and domestic students

Percy Martinez is a famous lawyer in the USA and has been in the practice for 20 years. The scholarship was created solely for the purpose of helping people with autism complete higher-level studies. The scholarship is valued at $5000


  • Applicants can be high school students, undergraduates and graduates
  • Letters of Recommendation (two)
  • An essay of 100 to 600 words or alternatively a 3 minutes video, What are your thoughts on the future of education?

This scholarship organisation is based in Texas mainly for students with Autism in Texas to provide educational assistance to them. The scholarship can be given in terms of Academics or Job training, it is valued at $500 given annually, which is paid directly to the school/institution.


  • The applicant is a student of an accredited institution of learning
  • A letter describing why education is important and plans of employment after education
  • Diagnosis proof of Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Academic records from High School

This Scholarship is a general disability under which Autism Spectrum Disorder falls. It has been established in 2004 and has helped a total of 850 students for educational purposes.


  • Applicant must be a permanent resident of Oregon, California or Washington.
  • Applicant must be diagnosed with a disability defined by ADA
  • Must currently be in any institution of learning
  • Proof of academic records must be provided

This body is mandated to assist students in the autism spectrum established by attorneys from the Varghese Summerset Pllc. The scholarship fee is $500 it can be used towards any needs by the Autistic individual.


  • Applicant must be 15 years and below
  • A letter stating the usefulness of the scholarship
  •  Letter of recommendation from either a friend, family or leader of a community who is of reputable character

This scholarship belongs to the dentist John Barras. He offers educational support to autistic students, bearing in mind that Dr John is a practitioner. Funds are made directly to the choice of institution.


  • A short descriptive essay of 150 words or less outlining educational goals
  • An essay of 800 words describing the hurdles ASD has had on the fulfilment of educational goals.

This Scholarship board was set up by the Organisation For Autism Research (OAR) courtesy of retired employee Ed Schwallie. Educational aids are provided for Students to ease financial burdens, this fund is valued at $3000 each.


  • Students must show proof of Autism Disorder
  • Academic proof of Admission into Institution
  • Essays of given topics
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Choice of Institution must be in the United States

This Scholarship board has successfully for over 4 years assisted students with ASD to achieve educational goals. The Scholarship Fund is valued at $1000 for students at the college levels.


  • Proof of diagnosis
  • A short essay of 120 words on how funds will be used
  • Essay of 1200 words on the obstacles ADS has posed on educational goals(optional)
  • Enrollment into any institutions at the time of application not necessary or mandatory

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All of these Scholarships mentioned above are specifically for those with AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER. They have been provided together with their website links to make research easy for you. However, as you go through it carefully read the requirements and eligibility so as to meet up with the Scholarships. This article might not be applicable to you, but there could be friends, family members and associate that will find this very useful, they need all the help you will provide.

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