Scholarships To Study In Australia

Scholarships To Study In Australia

Australia being another country of choice by many international students who wish to further their education, the government of Australia has provided many scholarship grants and bursaries to ease the processes and financial constraints encountered by international students who wish to study in Australia,which makes international students who wants to study in the country look how to get a scholarship to study in Australian university.

This scholarship offers sometimes even cover even flight, accommodation, textbooks, researches etc. the various scholarships available to students, who wish to study in Australia are listed below

1. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

The University of Sydney opens its doors to candidates who want to undertake a Postgraduate Research Degree or Master’s through a Research program at this University to apply for a post in the University of Sydney International Research Scholarship (USydIS). This scheme takes care of tuition fees and living allowance for at least three years while leaving the possibility of extension open. This program is the top choice for international students seeking to study in Australia because it covers almost the entirety of study whilst opening gates to great minds who seek a platform to sell ideas. This particular package is most commendable for its research minded policies.

2. Macquarie University International Scholarships

The Macquarie University runs a program called the Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship which provides a partial  scholarship for outstanding students to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at the Macquarie University’s North Ryde campus. The scholarship package could be up to10,000 Australian dollars. Being that it is open for both undergraduates and postgraduates, the amount of entries it receives are quite astonishing. The only downside is that the scholarship is partial and still requires funding by the beneficiaries. That aside, this opportunity is a beautiful one!

3. University of Melbourne Graduate Research Scholarships

The Graduate Research Scholarship is run and controlled by the University of Melbourne and is awarded to high performing domestic and international research students.  The scholarship benefits include tuition fee waiver, living allowance, relocation grant, and health cover. Considering the fact that it is totally based on merit, this particular program is highly rated. More interesting is the fact that there is a clear breakdown of benefits. A person who lands this opportunity is sure of a whole lot of things. All he has to do is study to keep the grades up. Tuition and accommodation are already settled and health is further taken care of. The program also holds research based study in high esteem.

4. Adelaide Scholarships International

The University of Adelaide attracts the very best international postgraduate students to areas of research strength in a bid to support its research effort.  The scholarship takes care of all tuition fees, living allowance, as well as health insurance. Just like at Melbourne, the benefits are well separated. Individuals can enjoy full scholarships. This is certainly one of the most appreciated programs in the country.

5. Flinders International Postgraduate Scholarships

Flinders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships are given to highly deserving applicants to pursue a full-time research degree at Flinders University. It lasts for up to two years for a Research Master’s degree and up to three years for a Research Doctorate degree. Putting the number of years of scholarship offered, we can confidently say that the scholarship can last for the entire duration of study. It also contains an item that seems to be missing in other scholarship schemes. If not for a few other factors, this program would have ultimately been number one.

They are also some governmental offered to international students they’re listed below:

  • The Australia awards


This scholarship is specially created to promote knowledge, educational links, and ties between Australia and its neighbors it is offered by 3 departments in the Australian government which includes, the department of foreign affairs(DFAT), the department of education and the Australian center for international agriculture research.

  • Destination award


it offers over 1000 scholarships to support her international and domestic students to study in regional Australia, studying to qualify from a certification IV program and above. It also allows institution apply for $15000 per student in a year

  • Australian Government Research Training Program (RTP)


this scholarship  application is made directly through one of participating universities platform. It is mainly offered to postgraduate students.

  • Australian APEC Women in Research Fellowship


This offer is open to renowned female researchers from APEC countries with aim of supporting and empowering them to build a high profile of female involvement in fields of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Having gone through the article on Scholarships to study in Australia, you will that most of the scholarship opportunities listed here is available to both international and domestic students in Australia studying. thou each of the agencies has her rules which is why the links where provided to aid your application. While the government also provides financial aids and grants too to her international and domestic students through their various institutions and other means they may deem fit to use.

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