University of the People: Admission, Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Ranking

University of the People: Admission, Tuition Fees, Scholarships and Ranking

Lots of persons for months now have been on our timeline, asking us questions related to the University of the People, this was one of the reasons we went into an in depth research as regards the tuition fee, scholarships, admission in the university.  The university of the people was established by an entrepreneur called Shai Reshef  it offers graduate and undergraduate programs, this university is an online university.  Currently its students population is around 15000 from 200 countries,  it has a shared office in Pasadena California.  This university gives everyone an equal opportunity to gain their degree at their own pace and convenience.

This university offer’s, an associate degree and bachelor’s degree, in business administration, computer science, and health science, and an MBA,  it has strong affiliation with many institutions and international organizations like UNESCO, UN  it works in collaboration with many universities. One unique feature of this university is that it is tuition free.  This university provides her students with tuition fee and textbooks. This university uses practical, analytical methods to pass information.

Tuition Fee

Students enrolled in this program, do not pay any tuition fee, but are to pay 2,460 and  $4,860 for associate degree and bachelor’s degree. It offers scholarship to students who cannot afford administrative cost.

The bizarre idea that an institution of learning is free is sceptical and puzzling. However, let’s help you with that. University of the People being tuition-free means that students do not make unnecessary charges for enrollment, course materials or courses offered.

Here are the charges been taken

  • Associate degree for $2,460
  • Bachelor degree for $4860
  • MBA degree for $2940

All these charges are for Assessment fees per year.

Courses Offered: 

  1. Business Administration
  2. Computer Science
  3. Health Science
  4. Advanced Health Science

Partners / Recognitions

Over the years of its establishment, the virtual University has partnered with several offline Universities and organisations to complete educational purposes and recognitions. Some of these universities/organisations and the year of partnership include;

  • Bill and Gates Foundation (2012)
  • University of Edinburgh (2017)
  • International Baccalaureate (2019)
  • World Economic Forum gave recognition (2019)

Having learnt about this great Institution of learning, we will give detailed explanations of the following questions going through your mind on the following subjects; Admissions, Tuition fees, Scholarships and Ranking.


To be admitted into this university, you must  be 16 years and above, with a high school or exams, with an English proficiency test, it offers online foundation class for students with no English proficiency test. To be eligible candidates must complete a form online,  to be admitted into the undergraduate programs you must have done a foundation class for it.  Candidates are to make sure they upload their details online.

Refugees are offered scholarships in this university, and with her aim of making  education to all, it has contributed to the education development and socialization. Documents are submitted through [email protected]

Ranking accreditation

This institutions is regionally accredited by Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). And is ranked 5,822 in the world.


They’re several scholarships despite the free nature of the university,  and special preference is given to asylum,  refugees. There are many scholarships in this university, abs they’re funded by many persons like Bill Gates etc.

The scholarships is listed below

Application Detail’sSimone Biles Legacy Scholarship Fund


This scholarships is to support students who once lived in foster care

Botari Women’s Scholarship Fund


This university is for all both. Students. And it available to female students.

 Henry Schein Scholarship Fund

This scholarships is for students in health science,

Myanmar Scholarship Fund


This university scholarships is  for all students,

Vietnamese Scholarship Fund


Small Giants Refugees Fund

they’are several scholarships available to students who cannot afford to get their fee and those with interest of the applicants.

Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is fully funded for the refugees


As the name implies, this Scholarship is precisely to help Haiwan women help pursue their educational goals. Qualified Candidates will have ten of the Assessment fee paid for by this Scholarship.


This Scholarship is made available for people in Israel and Palestine. This Scholarship was established in 2017; chosen applicants will have 20 twenty of the Assessment fee fully funded by this Scholarship.


This Scholarship is funded by Gabriel Hawawini, who is an ex-professor of Finance in Instead School. This Scholarship is available to former recipients of the Scholarship as well as non-degree students.


This Scholarship is awarded to students of an Associate degree. Candidates are funded through active involvement in programs, attain training from Microsoft, and get internship and jobs from Microsoft and its divisions in Africa.


This Scholarship is for students who wish to achieve their bachelor degree. With these Scholarships, ten of the Assessment fees fully covered by the foundation.


Hoffmann Foundation establishes this Scholarship for students aspiring for an Associate degree in the University of the People. With this Scholarship, students have a total of ten Assessment fee funded.


The Bank Hapoalim establishes this Scholarship for students in Israel specifically. Chosen Candidates will have Ten Assessment fees cleared by the scholarship board. However, Students must have been awarded admission by the University.


This Scholarship is available for persons who have no parents or guardians to help fund their Education. Thankfully covers all the Assessment fees of the candidates.

These and many more are the Scholarships provided to assist the educational purposes of individuals seeking to gain admission to the University of the People.

Application Details:

To be eligible for this university, you must have uploaded all your documents online, and click here for details,

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