Where is Law School in Nigeria?

Where is Law School in Nigeria?

The Nigerian Law School which is also regarded as an educational institution is a form of a higher institution for lawyers. No graduate of law is considered to be through with legal studies until he or she registers and graduates from the Nigerian Law School. However, law school is not for everyone, it is only for those who may want to become practicing lawyers.

If ever you are aspiring to take up law as a career, then this article is the one for you, as it will be throwing more light and offering more information on the Nigerian Law School system and some of the things it takes to practice law in Nigeria.

How many law schools do we have in Nigeria?

6 law school campuses are currently located in various states across Nigeria today.

They include:

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  • Abuja law school, which is also the Headquarters.
  • Lagos law school campus
  • Agbani law school campus (Enugu State)
  • Yenagoa law school campus (Bayelsa State)
  • Bagauda law school campus (Kano State)
  • Yola law school campus (Adamawa State)

Where Is Law School In Nigeria?

Before the Nigerian Law School was set up, anyone aspiring to be a legal practitioner in Nigeria had to travel to England to receive practical law training, and they were afterward called to the English bar. The Nigeria government then set up the Nigerian Law School in 1962 with the sole purpose of training graduates of law including foreign lawyers on Nigeria law, and also train graduates extensively in vocational skills to enable them to function as solicitors and barristers, in order to make the world a better place.

There are currently six law schools that are located in different parts of the country.

Lagos Law School

This is one of the best law campuses in Nigeria today. The school has produced leaders in the past and is still producing good leaders, in various aspects of life and institution, who make use of their voice as an instrument of change in the country. The campus was established in 1962 but was later moved to its current location in 1969.

The school is located at Ozumba Mbadiwe Street, Victoria Island, P.M.B. 12610, Lagos, Nigeria.

Abuja Law School

Law school Abuja, which became the headquarter for the Nigerian Law School campuses in 1997, is one of the most sought-after law schools in Nigeria.  Location:  Bwari, P.M.B 170, Garki, Abuja

Bayelsa Law School Campus

The Yenagoa Law School is located in the south-south region is a sprawling site at Agudama-Epie in the outskirts of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

Enugu Law School, also known as the Augustine Nnamani campus

Agbani, Enugu State, Nigeria

Yola Law School Campus

Wuro Hausa, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria

Kano Law School Campus

Kano Campus Jos Road, law School Kano, PMB 3568

How long is law school to become a lawyer in Nigeria?

It takes a year (1 year) to undergo training at the Nigeria Law School, after which students are then required to partake in the Nigerian Law School examination. Students who pass the examination are afterward called to Bar. After their call to Bar, they are required to take part in the compulsory NYSC one-year program, before they can be fully recognized as lawyers.

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How much does law school cost in Nigeria?

Below is a break down of the Nigerian Law School Fees for Fresh Students (For All Courses)

Tuition fee N10,000

Hostel Accommodation fee: N30,000

Hostel Caution fee: N10,000

Full Term Dinners: N12,000

Cocktails: N8,000

Library Development fee: N30,000

Sports & Recreational Facilities fee: N5,000

Nigerian Law & Practice Journal: N7,000

Examination Bar Part II: N25,000

Course Materials: N20,000

Development Levy: N20,000

Student Year Book: N4,000

I.D Card: N1,000

Courier Services fee: N2,000

Medical Registration: N10,000

Quality Assurance: N15,000

V-Sat and Info Tech: N30,000

Insurance: N5,000

E-Handbook: N3,000

Facilities Maintenance: N33,000

Security: N15,000

Total Fees to be paid: N295,000

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